Monday, March 30, 2009

life is life

so, this is it. senior year.

my head hurts. my heart hurts. my body aches. this is it, senior year.

watched the last episode of friends today, how sad is that? no more new episodes of friends, ever. feels so weird, i miss them 6 friends already. well, i can check that off my to do list now, all episodes seen at least once. check.

i have so much to do, i know i shouldn’t complain. i know i’ll make it through. not many days to go now, not many days. well still months, but not many.

i’m longing for the summer, and soon it will be here. and i will be free. f r e e.

the thing i’m longing for the most right now though is saturday,
because me and my babygirl are off to thailand. amen.


well, life is life. and no besides all this bull, i love it. i. love. it.

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