Tuesday, January 20, 2009

about time


24 hours a day just is not enough. last night i was stuck with them studies all night long. so i’ve been mighty tired today. but took time to meet my lil sis ‘cause she is just the most important thing in my life, because that is what family is. love her!

After meeting her i went home,sometimes i just miss living with her – she truly adds love and light to my life, glad she is sleeping over at my house thursday, if everything goes as planned.

so, still stuck with all these things to do, but it’s okay. i still love my life oh so very much. i’m just so glad to have all i have, and i thank God everyday for all His blessings. To all of you out there who believe in freedom, peace, human rights and love – may Gods love be with you, always.

1 comment:

Tobias said...

du, tack för tipset :D kan nog vara ngt sådant...