Monday, January 26, 2009

shake it off


my friends are really truly the best in this world. no doubt. i thank god every single day for them, ‘cause they really are my world.

one calls just ‘cause she logged of messenger before she had the chance to say goodbye.
second sends a text ‘cause she is worried.
third sends the sweetest texts to keep me going.
fourth talks and gives me advice.

i don’t need to say more, the once not listed are as great too. you are the best guys. i like you so very much, you don’t even know.

so, i need to shake things off. i need to put myself in first hand. school is important, i know i know. but what about me, i need to live – i really really do. so what do you think, is friendship and me more important than school and hw? dreams vs reality?

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