Thursday, January 15, 2009


So, just for fun we had a “to do list” during Senior year. some cencur added when posted here. but here we go, this is why high school will forever have a part of my heart.



[x] Have or attend a slumber parrrttyyyy!!!

[x] Climb through one/or many windows, or have someone climb in through yours

x] Hang up while talking to someone w/o saying goodbye, real US style.

[x] "Accidentally bump” into someone in the hall so you both drop your books and papers [which will add up to a mess on the floor]

[x] Have wild shopping sprees på Abercrombie and Fitch

[x] Flirt with a H O T hunk who works at A&F

[x] Simly live through you cell

[x] get asked out on a date at least 10 times

x] have a guy pay for the whole date (o/c w/o asking)

[x] Join at least 5 teams

[x] Be a cheerleader, miniskirt and pompoms not optional

[x] Get detention

[x] "get help with your homework”/”Help someone with their homeworkl”  you know what i mean…

[x] Bitchwalk through across the hall

[x] Spill something in the lunch room

[x] Bless Starbucks with your presence at least 7 times/week

[x] Order the drink with the longest name, w/o saying it wrong

[x] Curl up in jammies with your girls in a big bed with Ben n Jerrys and talk boysboysboys

[x] Ghostride (Enough said!)

[x] Start every sentence with “ehh.. yess” during a class 

[x] Smash the car door/locker when you are mad, Marissa style

[x] Walk, or be walked to a class

[x] Drink out of red cups at parties

[x] Watch football

[x] Get into a drama…

[x] Through something at someone and then overreact and start crying

[x] Have, at least, two guys fighting over you

[x]Gossip in the bathroom

[x] Be all alone in the hall during the day

[x] Get picked up by your date at prom

[x] Make out with someone in the hall/in a parking lot/in a toilet/under the stands

[x] Chill out in the lunch room

[x] Flirt with someone by your locker

[/] Become Homecoming Queen/Prom Queen

[x] Buy the most nasty thing you can find in a store

[x] Make out with someone from the football team

[x] Eat nothing but bagels with creemcheese during a whole day

[x] Make a girl jealous on purpose, or just piss her off..

[x] Have a fat ride to prom

[x] Get a brainfreeze

[x] Jump in the tub/pool at a party

[x] Hug at least twenty different people in one day

[x] Cry/Hook up/flirt with someone at the beach

[x] Go to the mall (and all that goes with that!)

[x] Sneak out of the house at night!

[x] Make out with a guy when he drops you off at your house after your date

[x]Get a ride to school with your girlygirls or a cute guy

[x] Live up to a scen from High School Musical

[x] Walk through the hall with a guy behind you, and do NOT turn around to see if he is there

[x] Party it up at all the parties

[x] Get togheter in the kitchen, while standing around the table eating breakfast, OC style..

Wow, now when I look back at the list, i cant believe i did it all. haha. i miss high school!

Hope You all do not take this too seriously, as mentioned it was all for fun. Senior year was this far the best year of my life. thanks for all the memories, i will always love you guys!

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