Saturday, February 7, 2009

emotions and dancing shoes

so, since we’ve been talking emotions for a while we’ll just stay on that track.

i really wanted to dance the night away tonight, put on my dancing shoes.
put on a pair of trashed leggin’s. a oversize shirt. my hair all over the place.
i wanted to re-live some memories, just dream myself away. but i wont.

’cause the one i wanted to go with doesn’t want to,
honestly – it sucks. ‘cause i worked my but off to fix it, so this blows.
so i really wanted to dance the night away, but i won’t.

for me, friendship works both ways.
but tonight working one way, we’re not dancing the night away.

i know you’ll see this, so have a look - then close your eyes,
i know you’ll feel it, we could have felt it twice…

P7305773 - Kopia

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