Sunday, February 15, 2009

these are my confessions

as i mentioned earlier i wasn’t about to shop as much as i used to, but then the other day i just had to get this and get that..
and oh well let’s make some good out of what i did by showing you… fair enough?!

These awesome sneakers,
metallic and i can’t really tell if they’re silver or gold.

515516 521

This denim shirt,
that i’m thinking i’ll change to a west
or i’ll just wear it as shown on the right hand side and
not as originally as shown on the left side.
perfectly a little longer that normally and wrangler.



the most beautiful sweater,
a little shorter model, double buttoned,
oversize cap. pure perfection to me.

528 529 dubble

The coolest jacket ever,
double zip, soft fabric,
rolled up sleeves, box shaped,

540537 538 541

one can not go with out pants,
so grey ones and leggins.


that was it, do i dare show you the rest of the shoes…?

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