Thursday, February 19, 2009


a lot has been going on this week, as y’all have prolly understood due to the how bad i’ve been updating this week. i don’t really know where to start, but why not from friday? from friday it is.

Started the weekend off with dinner at Emelie’s and shooting for VICE (click on link to view pictures), had hella fun and the weekend started off perfectly, even though it was friday 13th. as said i worked saturday, so enough about that.

sunday i met my love Maria up for some good catch up, haven’t seen her in ages – for real. she visited for a few days, so i wanted to spend as much time as possible with her. so we met up sunday night for a classic date, dinner and movie that is. it was super sweet to catch up with her since it has been ages since we last met. i had a baked tater for dinner and she just had to enjoy to famous rasberry pie. haha. after that we hit the movie theatre, popcorn and coke at the movies – not optional – so of course we had to get that first. we laughed our behinds off watching the movie and the perfectness of life in it snapped us in the faces again.

monday morning was pretty sweet, i have to say, a week with bunches to look forward to and i was good to go. after school i hit the new vice office, and that my friends was sweetness caught in one place. a quick visit by my house to drop some things off, and then off to fix my back. enough about that, it wasn’t about as fun as it sounded. then again i met M and her daddy up for dinner, we had a wonderful relaxed brittish pub dinner. but to not make it too brittish we had to spend the whole dinner talking about america, hah, britain in all is honour – but there ain’t nothing like the states… after dinner we decided to visit the movies again, Valkyrie was up this time and of course i cried, but the movie itself was really really good though.

tuesday was a long day in school, then off to get my nails done. because whenever my nails are well manicured i just feel better, then i met vici up to help her with her school stuf and then emelie joined us. by the way, i had freshly squeezed orange juice – and just about how good is that? i love it. then me and emelie went back to my house to cook some supper, well she did the cooking and i did the salad. anyhow, it was really good! another late night and i fell asleep as a child as soon as i closed my eyes.

yesterday was filled to the top with meetings and another stuf to fix. met Yessica up to guide her to a store to buy a jacket she was longing for, it looked great on her and i hope she’ll be some how alone with having it this spring. that girl always dresses like a million dollars, i love it! then a meeting about prom ‘09, it’s going to be fab fab fab fab!! another late night, that is some how the theme for this week!

today i spent all day in school, then work and now i’m stuck here with a million things to do! a million. i’m glad i got the shirt i ordered today though, if possible it’s even sweater (haha) IRL. i bet y’all didn’t get my joke there, oh well oh well..

i’m hella tired of all the shit i have to do right now, just hoping the weekend will bring some brightness. let’s hope so. oh, i almost forgot – i’m off ALL next week – i just love love love it! suddenly, my day turned to a little brighter direction…

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