Wednesday, February 4, 2009


there is so much i want to say right now, or actually - let me correct myself and say write. because there is really bunches and bunches in my lil' head that i just want to write out. but how do you spell feelings out? it's really not the easiest. feelings as a matter of fact are hard to express whichever way you chose to do it in. they're hard to put down in letters and form words, they're hard to show in emotions, they are hard to just spit out - but i think that with all these things, and the way you try so hard to show them, the specialness of them just forms something so people will know - whetever you want it or not, your friends will know how you feel. but that is the greatness of friends and friendship, without words you can say all you want to say. and that is amazing.

well, let me try to spell this out later on - right now i'm just overwhelmed again.

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