Thursday, February 12, 2009

honestly, are people serious?!

wow, people are such haters. really needed to say that out loud. i just wonder, why? why be hatin’ on everything?!

people are so mean, they really don’t care at all. and it’s not about honesty, to speak your mind when someone asks you,
they’re just pure evil for no reason at all. why is that? why would anyone want to hurt another? it makes me sad.

people who push others down must have some kind of issues themselves, no one perfectly fine with their life would
do such thing. i’m really really upset. why are bloggers such attention whores? for real. for what y’alls life are worth,
just stop. stop hurting people, the worst thing is the hurting is not done by mistake – it’s done to hurt, to get attention.

why is that? why call someone fat and complain about your own two pound overweight, to then the other day
be soooooo upset about young boys and girls having eating dissorders and wanting to be skinny and try to be the
as tiny as they can. that is not a good role model, and even if you’re not trying to be one – you are.

and i’m not saying one should never complain about weight or anything like that, because it truly is hard to get
satisfied with yourself. so okay if you one day give away diet tips and then the other tell people to love themselves
for who they are, fine. that’s ok. but don’t go pushing others down, they don’t need your bull.

so, from now on i just wish people could care more about themselves and less about others.
and remember, no one is perfect – and when it comes down to it,
it’s hard to look innocent when you got cookie crumbs all over your face

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