Monday, February 2, 2009

super bowl sunday, baby!

it’s superbowl sunday, so that has to be celebrated! right? Not that i’m going to watch the whole game or so, but anyways. to make my sunday perfect without super bowl i spent it at emelies. we had tea and talked, then we watched friends and just hung out. erik came later on, so we all went to the store and bought some salmon for dinner – then emelie made THE best salmon dinner with salad ever, it was truly delish. and to round it off she baked cookies, what a lady! a truly wonderful friend, because she also borrowed me season 7-10 of friends. i love love love it. so what could be more perfect, than to spend time with emelie? she is one of my most wonderful friends, and i appreciate our friendship oh so very much. now ; super bowl or sleep? sleep it is.

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