Sunday, February 8, 2009

new york new york

it’s easy to dream yourself away, so therefor i do it as often as i can! since i didn’t dance the night away yesterday, i stayed home to watch a friends marathon. it reminded me of new york, and good ol’ america. i really want to go back home to the states, or at least to new york. i need some vacation and relaxing, and i need to travel somewhere far where homework isn’t anywhere close to be seen. i want to go to new york ‘cause it’s the city of many dreams, i want to remember what i want in life and how to get there. i want too see my hopes and dreams, because right now my hopes and dreams are too small for this town so i need to go somewhere else and give them a shot. but the problem is i don’t have money to go, since i go to school full time and only work a little extra when i have some hours to spear it doesn’t give me a lot to travel for. the lucky girl that i am, i found a blog where you can win a trip to NY so therefor i’m in it now!

my motivation would simply be : to find some inspiration to keep on going this last semester in “gymnasium”, and to have something glad in these days. since tomorrow (the 9th) is the day that my wonderful mother passed away i want to keep my mind off that, and try to have something nice to look forward. so, i just think i’m worth a trip there, a trip that i can’t afford.


if you want to check the post out!

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