Friday, February 13, 2009

I was made for times like these

wow, i love these days. i really, really do. i love my life!!
i was made for times like these. it's friday the 13th,
but i have to say, so far so good.

the day well spent already, and it's only 7 o'clock.
started off with some good ol' school for a few hours,
then a quick trip to the doctors. going there on friday the 13th
wasn't as bad as i thought. hah!

then i met Josie upp for a some shopping, not that i need it,
but i just had to get this and then get that. then i met my
love up for some lunch, a good salad later i was good to go.
left her at the sub to make my way home.. well of course
on the way home i stopped at some shops. bad me. not ok.

now i'm at sarah's, i just helped her out with her spray tan -
let's see how that goes. so far she looks gorgeous! gotta do
some extra for your love at valentine's and oh she's doing it.

now off to see miami ink, i love that show and i never get enough!

don't forget ESS/ADDICTS @ FABRIKEN tonight,
i'll be there shooting for VICE - so make sure to put
your best dancing shoes on, bring a smile and meet new friends.
it's horror night, so dress out. see you there, right?!

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