Sunday, February 15, 2009


Valentines Day is over, well for this year of course. Mine was good, and it might come as a chock for most people since i’m single.
why is it all that black and white with a lot of things, i know i can be colorful. why are the alternatives for people on valentines only two?
First one, stay home with the love of your life all day and celebrate this day – or the second, go out and get drunk because you’re single and depressed.
why is that? that’s wrong. there should be more to Valentines Day than just couples. let’s take Finland for example, Valentines Day is called “the Friends day” – how sweet is that? A day for friendship and that kind of love, the love for them people in your life who really deserves it.

My Valentines was not all go out and get drunk, actually it wasn’t like that at all. i’ll put it down step by step so y’all can see how
it went down for me this year.. and then please tell me if it was too depresseive and i’m too blue-eyed to see it.

Started off with sleeping in, then daddy woke me up with flowers and the sweetest Valentines card and not only that,
but also a two week trip somewhere. well of course if we find that trip somewhere. after that he left and when i finally
made my way to the kitchen there was fresh bread and croissants. that and some freshly squeesed juice and my breakfast
was fully over completed. that is what i called a good start! after that i laid down on the couch to fix the pictures from yesterday,
more about that later. when that was done and a shower was taken i was good to go to work. i just got off, so the night was spent there.
got a few hours to spear before i got off, so i watched a movie and a half. then daddy came to pick me up and now we’re watching movies
and chillin’ out. pretty much a perfect day to me. but of course, Valentines Day last year wasn’t too bad either…

Yesterday i got the sweetest thing! Emelie joined me to Fabriken to shoot for VICE. before that she invited me to her place for some
wining and dining, and she gave me a heart shaped box with the best chocolate. how sweet is that?! i was so glad y’all don’t even know,
she really is the sweetest thing. really, really made my day. my friends are so amazing, simply the best.

yea, so ADDICTS/ESS had a party going on last night. we went there to shoot and got some sweet pictures of beautiful people.
christian dinamarca was doing it as always, and the visuals by rasmus were sweet. fun that pablo was there too, haven’t seen him for a while.

so me and emelie were doing it last night, and we got bitten in the ass by the cold on our way home. freezing was spelled out in the night.

so from valentines to singles, and blacks to white,
i’ll let y’all go so i say goodnight.

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