Saturday, February 7, 2009

them ups and downs

i don’t really  know what is going on, not with my feelings but   with my body. Thursday after i wrote the really tiny note in the blog i thought i would just lay down for a while, so i did. well i take naps every now and then, so now to the weird part – all of a sudden my phone rang, so when i was about to lean to get it i couldn’t move. my body was to weak to move, how scary is that? i didn’t really know what to do, i kinda paniced but after a while i reached it. it was just so scary, as i was in a battle with myself to sit up i was about to pass out. i have no clue what that was. my whole body was akeing and i could barely sleep. i somehow managed to crawl to my bed and then try to sleep, the night was hard but i slept for a few hours in the morning. so no school for me yesterday, but after resting all day yesterday, ‘cause i was too scared to try to get up i felt a little better later on. so emelie called me last night and asked if i wanted to hit some clubs? and oh yes i sure did. so after i wild night out i ended up at my flat around 5-6 am. what a night i say. thanks to emelie, again, for bringing light into my life! thank you a million!


oh, and like y’all have noticed the echoe of pictures is almost frightening, but my camera is broke. it sucks, i miss it badly! maybe i can snap a picture of my outfit today or something, just to give you something to stare at. i’ll holla at y’all later!

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